What’s the benefit of taking over a lease?

Avoid paying unnecessary new car fees

Shorter commitment

Clearer prices


Cash Rewards

Many buyers want to transfer their car Lease for a variety of reasons, some buyers’s car lease have a higher monthly rate, longer commitment, or a small km allowance, so buyers will offer cash incentives to get their cars transferred out faster.


Security deposit

Many sellers have already paid down payment or a deposit for their car, and when they transfer their Lease they only ask for a portion of the amount or even none back. So you’ll get a discounted monthly rent without paying a money up front at the start.


Winter Tires or Tinted Window

Most sellers transfer their snow tires for free or at a discount rate, and many have coated the windows so you won’t have to pay extra for snow tires and window coatings.

What do I need to pay attention to?

Monthly payments

Check to see if the monthly rent of the car is within your budget.

Available km

Because it is car lease, the car company limits the number of kilometers of the car when returning the car. Make sure the car found can be used for kilometers in your plan.

Special Rewards

You can choose to find a buyer who offers a cash reward, or give away a snow tire, with car lease return insurance, a deposit or a down payment.



Canada’s easiest and fastest free car lease take over platform. Our network covers all provinces of Canada and you can quickly and easily transfer/take over your car through our network.

Why do you want to takeover a car lease?

Want a shorter car rental contract? Want to get your dream car at a better price? Leasing a new car requires admin fees and taxes. Taking over someone’s lease is the best option to avoid spending on those and also have the benefits of getting buyer’s rewards such as a cash incentive.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take over someone else's car lease?

Taking over someone else’s car lease is a great way to rent an almost brand new car. So finding a new car contract that has paid for it and taking over the remaining contracts would be a good deal. If the buyer is willing to give you a cash reward, snow tire, or even give up a down payment, it will be a more favorable lease deal.

Why would someone pay me to take over his or her lease?

There are a variety of reasons why people want to get rid of their existing car leasing. Marriage, divorce, unemployment, unable to find a new job, getting a company car, traveling abroad, etc. The list is numerous. Before CARTAKEOVER, most people faced huge early lease termination fees that could easily turn into thousands of dollars of penalty. And that is the main reasons why our sellers would rather give you their existing car lease free of charge, or even pay buyers a cash bonus, rather than give dealership thousands of dollars in early termination fees.

What if I find a vehicle in another province or a distant city?

Whether you’re looking for a lease to take over or trying to get rid of it, you can now expand your market search across Canada. In addition, all vendor leasing companies allow the transfer of leases from one province to another.

What do I need to pay attention to?

Go to “Takeover lease” to find the ideal vehicle and lease term. Click on the photo of any vehicle to see all the details. How much time is left on the lease? Note the limit on the number of kilometers. How many kilometers do you want to drive on the vehicle? Pay attention to advance payments or cash rewards. Will our customers pay you to take over their lease or will they have an advance payment? Who will pay for the lease transfer? See the seller’s comments area. Once you have narrowed down your options, please feel free to contact our customers directly to answer any questions, arrange a car visit and negotiate the terms of the lease acquisition.

What do I do after contacting the seller?

Confirm that the information here is the same as the actual lease contract. Confirm that all services required are up-to-date Confirm who pays for vehicle inspections, lease transfer fees, licensing transfers, etc. Does the buyer want any money back because they pay such a large sum of deposit or down payment in the beginning? You will need to complete a credit application and submit it to the car dealership for credit approval. They will process all the necessary paperwork and arrange for the completion of the lease transfer.

More about lease take over

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Sample contracts

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There are a lot of concerns when transferring a Lease, and we are ready for common buyer problems.

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