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No matter what car you want to transfer, CARTAKEOVER’s national network makes it easy to get the attentions you deserve. All you need to do is provide your vehicle information and follow our guidelines.

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Whatever the reason you have to transfer your Lease. We will help you transfer your car and make sure you and buyers are worry free.

Get out car lease in 3 steps

Give your car a selfie

Spend less than ten minutes to take multiple angle shots of your car. Try to take them in a empty space where the main focus is your car. Well car pictures get more traffic to their car listings than listings with bad photos.

Prepare the documents

Prepare the lease details and related information when filling our form(monthly rent, kilometers, etc.) and when the buyer wants to know more about the car they can find the details on your page.

Upload & Publish

Finish previous steps and you are ready to upload it on our site! Interested buyers will contact you through the contact details you provided.

CARTAKEOVER found someone to take over my car lease in less than a week.

Tiffany, Markham, ON

How to get out your car lease quick

Based on our past successful lease take over, we suggest that giving buyers some cash incentives, such as helping them pay a three-month payment. Or get back part of the down payment or deposit. You can also let buyer know that you had tinted the car window or have some sort of protection on it Give away on snow tires, car replacement insurance, or covering the change car lease fee would play a big role as well.

Cash incentives for buyers

Give up your deposit or down payment

Give away your snow tire

Pay the lease transfer fee



Canada’s easiest and fastest free car lease take over platform. Our network covers all provinces of Canada and you can quickly and easily transfer/take over your car through our network.

Why do you want to get out of car lease?

Have to go back to home country and need to get out of current car lease? Want to change to a new vehicle? If you terminate your lease before the actual end date, you’ll need to pay a large break-up to the car company, and transferring your Lease contract to an interested buyer is the best option to get out of a car lease.

Frequently asked questions

Why would someone want to take over your car lease?

Buying a new car at a dealership costs more than taking over someone’s lease. When you buy a new vehicle, you would have to pay for import taxes, or admin fees, downpayment or deposit. While when you taking over someone’s car lease, it’s more transparent on monthly details, how much kilometres left and months remaining.

Why should I pay someone to take over my car lease?

A cash incentive is the most attractive way to grab people attentions to take over your lease.

How does the lease transfer works?

  1. Contact your car dealership: Tell them you want to transfer your lease. The dealership will provide you a lease transfer form and when someone is ready to take over your lease, you will then need to send the form to the dealership to complete the process.
  2. Listing: follow our instructions on the “Get out of lease” page. Enter your car informations and lease details. Your listing will be available online immediately. Now all you have to do is wait for a call from an interested buyer.
  3. Talk to potential buyers: Let them see your car on the spot. Have the buyer sign the lease transfer form you received in Step 1. This form will be used to process your loan transfer to the buyer. Once completed, give the form to your car line. They will handle the rest of the work.
  4. Awaiting approval from the financing company (Credit Check): Once approved, simply sign the final document and pay the lease transfer management fee (usually between $500 and $1500).
  5. That’s it – your lease has been transferred.

Do I have to pay to get my car listing up on CARTAKEOVER?

Posting a listing on CARTAKEOVER.CA is completely free of charge. Many websites need to pay to upload, but we will not charge you a penny of the fee.

More about lease takeover

Lease Precautions Guide

It’s convenient to transfer a lease, but there’s something to keep an eye out for. So we’ve got a lease take over guide for you.

Sample Contract

Have you found the right seller? Or have you found the car you’d like? Take a reliable first step towards your transaction with our sample contract.


There are a lot of concerns when transferring a Lease, and we are ready for common buyer problems.

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