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The better your pictures, the more visitors you get


Increase your chances with potential lease takeover buyers with beautiful, ideal car photos. A well-photographed car gets 50% more visits than a picture that is low quality and not well angled.

Get some quick and easy tips to take your own high-quality photos, or scroll down to connect with CARTAKEOVER professional photographers in your area.


5 easy tips

Tip 1: Take clear car photos of your car

Your car photos should be clear – blurry shots look unprofessional and won’t win the trust of potential customers.

Tip 2: Align your vehicle vertically and horizontally balance

The strange angle is disturbing and can’t accurately depict your car. Try to shoot from a three-quarter angle from front, behind, on both sides as well as shoot the vehicle and make sure that the lines on the edge of the vehicle are parallel to the edges of the photo. Make sure to include indoor pictures so that your guests know how it is like inside.

Tip 3: Have the whole car in the picture

Make sure to include the entire car in the photo. Don’t trim part of the car so that the guest can guess the full photo. Step back a few steps to ensure that there is some breathing space at the edge of the car.

Tip 4: Shoot at the right time

Lighting may change the way your car looks – bright or dazzling lighting on shiny surfaces such as your car, while dim lighting will wash away your car.

When the light is softer, shoot in the morning or evening. Aim for prime time to have your car pictures taken. Pictures taken at night would lead misunderstanding on the true colour of your car.

Tip 5: Don’t download your pictures online

The use of stock photography of your car model may mislead your potential buyers on how your car really look since every car has different package and options installed.

Your car is unique – colors, interiors, linings, scratches and everything else – it’s important to publish pictures of the actual car, not just the dealer’s inventory model picture that you find online.

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